Ingrowing toe nail



An ingrowing toe nail or Ingrown toenail is described as a condition wherein the side or corner of one of the toenails digs into the surrounding soft flesh. As a result, you may experience swelling, pain, redness, and in some cases, a serious infection. Usually the big toe is affected by the problem of an ingrowing toe nail. Most of the time, an ingrowing toe nail can be taken care of at home, but if the pain or discomfort is severe, one needs to see a doctor.


The ingrowing toe nail symptoms may vary from person to person, depending upon the severity of the condition. The mild ingrowing toe nail symptoms include redness, swelling, tenderness, inflammation and pain in the area surrounding the toe, or building up of oedema (fluid). If the condition persists, these ingrowing toe nail symptoms may take a slightly moderate form in terms of increased inflammation, bleeding, infection and oozing out of yellow or white coloured pus. If not treated on time, one may develop severe ingrowing toe nail infection, or a skin overgrowth around the affected area.


Although there are a number of ingrowing toe nail causes, but some of the most serious ones are wearing tight-fitting socks or shoes, incorrectly cut toe nails, naturally curved toe nails, injury, nail infections or poor foot hygiene. If you find yourself practising any of these things, you must quickly take a detour to avoid developing the problem of ingrowing toe nail, or ingrown toenail


When the symptoms are mild, one can undergo ingrowing toe nail treatment at home through some self-care measures. Some of these measures include washing your feet regularly and practicing good hygiene, trimming the nails properly, wearing comfortable socks and shoes, regular soaking of feet in warm water and applying antibiotic creams or taking pain killers. As against this, if one experiences severe symptoms, then the only treatment option will be partial or total ingrowing toe nail removal. This procedure is carried out with the help of a chemical, laser or some other suitable methods.

ingrowing toe nail

Finally, all said and done, some conscious steps towards ingrowing toe nail prevention are always better than developing and treating this painful and highly uncomfortable condition. There are many day-to-day practices that you can follow in order to maintain the health of your feet and prevent any such problems from developing. Keeping feet clean and dry, at all times, will ensure that your feet remain fresh and healthy. The nails should be cut and trimmed on a regular basis, and avoid stepping into ill-fitted footwear. Also, in case you experience any problems, it is best to see a doctor immediately.

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